Privacy Policy

At evpass, the protection of your personal data is important to us. That is why we have drawn up this Privacy Policy.

1. Who is responsible for your information

Our Privacy Policy applies to the personal data collected and used by evpass.

The references in this Privacy Policy to “evpass” or “we” refer to evpass SA, whose registered office is at Chemin de Maillefer 61, 1052 Mont-sur-Lausanne (Switzerland). We are the party responsible for the processing of data in compliance with the Federal Data Protection Act (LPD).

2. Personal data we collect about you

Personal data are the data relating to a person identified or identifiable. If you contact us on behalf of someone else, make sure you have that person’s authorisation to use his/her personal data.

We collect personal data from you, for example when you create an evpass user name (“Green Motion ID” or “EVPASS ID”), buy a product, download a software update, or take part in an online survey. We can also receive personal data about you from a third party to whom you have previously transmitted your data, in particular service providers, suppliers who provide you with services on our behalf, as well as our partners or associated companies.

When you create an evpass user name (“Green Motion ID” or “EVPASS ID”), buy a product, download a software update, use our services or take part in an online survey, we collect personal data that can include your name, your contact details, your username, your preferences for being contacted, your payment card details or the like (in particular for the services provided in collaboration with a third party, such as an employer, a leasing company, a service provider, or else, on the bases of a group agreement), information relating to your vehicle, to the way you use our Website, our mobile application or our charging stations (including the location of the service, the charging time, the duration of the charging or information of a technical nature), or information to do with the way you interact with us.

We can also collect accurately the location of your computer, mobile application or evpass device, particularly when using GPS, Bluetooth and your IP address, as well as the locations of the Wi-Fi stations and relay masts. Unless we have your consent these location data are always treated anonymously.

3. In what way and for what reasons we use your personal data

We use your personal data for the following reasons:

To manage your account and provide you with services

When you create an account, use our stations or buy one of our products, we use your personal data to offer you these services, as well as billing and the support we can be induced to provide you with, where appropriate. The data, in particular the one regarding the localization of the services, the hour of the refill or the technical (e.g. terminal number, type of refill, etc.), can also be destined to make you benefit from services provided in collaboration with a third party, in particular on the basis of a group agreement and, depending on the case, to make you benefit of refunds granted on the basis of such an agreement. In the latter case, we may also use your bank account details provided by you and/or by a third party, through which you benefit from our services, to make any (partial) refunds of your refilling costs if such a service has been agreed upon in your favor as part of a group agreement. The use of your personal data, including your date of birth, may help verify your identity, identify users and decide on the appropriate services. For example, we can use the date of birth to determine the age of the holder of an evpass user name.

Payments by credit or debit card are managed by Saferpay (SIX Payment Services AG, Hardturmstrasse 201, 8021 Zürich) and governed by that company’s terms and conditions ( We have no access to credit or debit card details, except when it turns out necessary to proceed to a refund that would be due to you on the basis of a group agreement.

To communicate and manage our relationship with you

From time to time, your personal data may be used to send you important notifications, such as communications about your purchases and changes to our terms and conditions and commitments. If you use our mobile application we can also send you notifications to these ends on the application. These communications are not for commercial purposes and you will continue to receive them even if you ask not to be sent commercial communications from evpass.

We will also use your personal data if we contact you after you have sent us a request, filled in an online form via our Website or contacted us on social media. Your opinion is important to us, and we could also send you an e-mail or an SMS sometimes to ask your opinion.

We will use the communications you exchange with us and any comments you may make to manage our relationship with you, as well as to improve our services and our customers’ experiences in a general way.

To personalise your experience as a customer and improve our services

Your personal data are also used to help us create, develop, use, deliver and improve our products, services, content and advertising, as well as in the support activities we can be induced to furnish you with.

We can also gather information on the way you use our Website and our application, the pages you visit most frequently, your location, the stations you use, and the products you buy, to understand what you like. We can use this information to adapt the content and the offers you see on our Website and to send you commercial messages likely to be of interest to you. If you accept their location services, we can share the geographical location with application suppliers.

To inform you of offers and news we think may interest you

From time to time we, as well as companies belonging to our group, particularly Green Motion, companies owned by Green Motion, or the companies owning evpass, can send you commercial communications by post, e-email or through your account, concerning our products, software updates, evpass events, goods or services we think may interest you. If you do not wish to receive these communications, you can object at any time by updating your preferences or by means of the link featuring in these communications.

To comply with our legal obligations and protect our commercial interests

The commercial aims for which we will use your personal data include accounting, billing and audit, credit or other verification of payment card, fraud, safety, security and legal ends, statistical and commercial analyses, system testing, maintenance and development. We will also process your personal data whenever obliged to by law.

4. Request for access to your personal data

You have the right to request access to the personal data we hold about you. To check that your contact details and preferences are correct, complete and up to date, log into your evpass account. If you wish to request a copy of your personal data, you can address your request to You may be asked to provide proof of your identity.

You can also ask us to correct or delete incorrect data. In some cases, evpass may not grant your request, especially if the law requires us to retain these data.

5. Security of your personal data

evpass takes the security of your personal data very seriously. We undertake to take appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage.

evpass online services use Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption to protect your personal data during transit. When your personal data are stored by evpass, we use limited-access IT systems using physical security measures.

6. Cookies and other technologies

evpass websites, online services, applications, e-mail messages and advertising may use cookies and other technologies, such as Web tags or pixel tags. We also use Google Analytics (you will find more information on the way in which Google uses certain data collected at However, evpass transmits to Google only data that do not allow you to be identified.

These technologies enable us to understand users’ behaviour better, showing us which parts of our Websites are the most visited, facilitating and measuring the effectiveness of Internet advertising and searches. In the majority of cases we cannot identify you via the information we collect using these technologies. However, inasmuch as IP (Internet Protocol) addresses or similar user names are considered personal data, we will also treat these user names as personal data. In the same way, inasmuch as non-personal data are associated with personal data, we will treat information associated in this way as personal data for the purposes of this Privacy Policy.

evpass and its partners also use cookies and other technologies to recognise your personal data when you use our Website, our online services and our applications. In this case our aim is to make your visit more practical and to personalise it. For example, recognising your first name will enable us to welcome you at the time of your next visit.

Please consult your Web browser supplier to find out how to deactivate cookies. Some functionalities of the evpass Website may no longer be available once cookies are deactivated.

Like numerous Websites, we collect certain information automatically and store it in log files. These data comprise IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, the type of browser and the language, the Internet service provider (ISP), referring and exit Websites and applications, the operating system, the date/time and the data relating to your browsing of the site.

We use these data to understand and analyse trends, manage the site, know the behaviour of users on the site, improve our products and services, and collect demographic information about all our users. evpass may use this information for its marketing and advertising services.

In some of our e-mail messages we use a “URL click” linked to the evpass Website content. When customers click on one of these URLs, they are transferred to another Web server before reaching the destination page on our Website. We follow these clicks to help us ascertain the interest shown in certain subjects and to measure the effectiveness of our customer communications. If you prefer not to be followed in this way, you must not click on the text or graphic links in the e-mail messages.

Pixel tags enable us to send e-mail messages in a format that customers can read and to know whether the message was opened. We will be able to use this information to reduce or delete messages addressed to customers.

7. Transfer abroad

Your personal data are processed mainly in Switzerland. If you use yo +ur evpass outside Switzerland or you log into your account outside Switzerland, you explicitly accept the transfer of your personal data in the country in question.

For technical reasons, sometimes your personal data may also be processed abroad. If the country in question is not regarded as adequate by the Swiss Federal Proposal on Data Protection and Transparency, we take the protection measures required by the law before any transfer is made.

8. Sharing your personal data

We can share or obtain some of your personal data via the following third parties:

Associated companies

Your personal data may be shared with companies belonging to our group, in particular Green Motion, companies owned by Green Motion, or the companies owning evpass. If you do not wish your data to be communicated, you can object at any time by updating your preferences.

In the access to our charging services offered through Green Motion or evpass stations, information is exchanged with associated companies in order to make the service available in their network. This is particularly the case for services provided to you in agreement with a third party, especially on the bases of a group agreement. In this configuration, the transfer of your data to your employer, leasing company, service provider or other, in particular regarding your consumption, is necessary for the execution of the services that you benefit from. We invite you to read the privacy policies of the concerned third parties through which you benefit from our services.

The evpass Websites, products, applications and services may contain links to third-party Websites, products and services. Our products and services may likewise use or offer third-party products or services. The information collected by third parties, which may comprise elements such as location data or contact details, is governed by their privacy policies. We invite you to read these third parties’ privacy policies.

Government authorities and law enforcement

evpass may be induced, in particular as part of legal proceedings, a lawsuit and/or a request from an authority, to divulge your personal data. We can also divulge your personal data if we think divulging them is necessary or appropriate for the purposes of national security, law enforcement or public interest.

We can also divulge your personal data if we think divulging them is reasonably necessary for asserting compliance with our standard terms and conditions, defending our interests or those of our users.

Companies linked to payments

evpass shares some of your personal data, like information on your method of payment and your purchase, with the credit or debit card company which issued the card used, as well as with the online payments company Saferpay. To ensure the security of your transactions and to prevent or detect fraudulent transactions, we can also share your information with our fraud detection partner.

Changes to the company

Your personal data may also be divulged to a third party acquiring our company, a member of our group or the majority of our assets. Moreover, in the event of restructuring, a merger or sale, we may transfer all personal data we collect to the third party concerned.

9. Updates to our Privacy Policy

We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time, including when induced to by amendments to the legal framework. We will publish on our Website any new version of this Privacy Policy.

10. Contact

Queries, comments and requests relating to this Privacy Policy are welcome and must be addressed to You can also contact us by telephoning the evpass helpline number (+41 21 544 04 44). We scrutinise every communication and we reply as soon as possible, whenever this is deemed appropriate.