evpass EXPRESS

Fast, efficient and comfortable charging

evpass EXPRESS is a network of 160 kW DC charging stations with a national network, mainly located in freeway service stations, which allow to recharge 100 km in 5 minutes in comfortable and protected places: with a shop and sometimes a café.

evpass EXPRESS is part of the evpass network of charging stations, but is distinguished by the high power of its DC chargers and by its implementation exclusively in places requiring very fast charging.

An unrivalled charging experience

As with the rest of its network, evpass focuses on the evpass EXPRESS user experience. This is materialized in the form of very fast charging stations (delivering up to 160 kW), close to highways and allowing two simultaneous recharges.

The charging stations are equipped with CCS Combo and CHAdeMO sockets on both sides, so that all electric cars available on the market can be charged quickly in DC.

Strong partners

evpass has teamed up with Tamoil, AVIA, Coop Mineraloel AG and Oel-Pool among others, to offer evpass EXPRESS at the best filling stations in the country, i.e. bright and safe places where electric motorists can stop with confidence.

Swiss technology

evpass EXPRESS is based on the Swiss technology of ultra-fast RANGE XT160 charging stations developed by Green Motion SA, which is part of Eaton, a pioneer in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Locally manufactured, this DC charging station has an unrivalled conversion efficiency of over 96% and can charge two vehicles simultaneously. Its high technology is entirely grouped in a single compact box, allowing an easier installation, and always without compromising on the user's comfort of use.